A Guide to Finding the Right Torque Screwdrivers and Testers

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If a manufacturing application requires to tighten a threaded fastener generally requires torque control. But selecting the right torque screwdriver can be very difficult and daunting, At times it can be very confusing as well. Generally there are two options for torque screwdrivers. Depending upon the type of fastening, the tool is generally selected.

The first type of torque screwdrivers is an automatic screwdriver. This type of screwdriver has a preset value of torque which is same as the required value of the application and as soon as that torque is achieved, the user is signaled to use the torque screwdriver on the application. This type of screwdriver doesn’t have an external scale for adjustment. They have an internal mechanism for setting up the adjustment in the torque value. To preset them, you would have to use a torque tester and a hex key. Once you have set your torque value, all you need to do is seal this screwdriver with a calibration sticker and start tightening fasteners easily.

If somehow you want to change the torque setting of an automatic screwdriver, you would have to open up the calibration sticker again and set torque internally again. To this you generally use a tool called a torque analyzer or tester and a hex key. Therefore if your application needs different fastening torques then an automatic screwdriver would be time consuming.

In case your application requires various different fastening torques, then you should use an adjustable electric torque screwdriver. This kind of screwdriver has an external scale for adjustment. Because of this external scale of adjustment, you can easily and accurately set the screwdriver using a simple micrometer adjustment mechanism for torque. A good adjustable screwdriver has a bezel or a ring of some sort which allows the operator of the screwdriver to adjust the torque setting by simple pressing down on the ring and once the ring is released, the torque is locked which prevents accidental adjustment of torque. If your needs are servicing the applications on site or some manufacturing needs which need different torques, you should use these adjustable screwdrivers.

Your work isn’t complete yet. Deciding the type of torque screwdriver is the first step. After finalizing the screwdriver type, you need to figure out the maximum torque of the screwdriver that might be needed for your manufacturing or servicing needs. In case you just need a screwdriver for minor servicing you won’t need a powerful screwdriver. Therefore make sure to check the maximum rating of the screwdriver before finalizing one.

Once everything is decided you should check your company’s budget as there are various options according to the budget as well. Go for the highest model in your budget as this is somewhere you shouldn’t compromise. An electric torque screwdriver malfunction can cause catastrophic problems in servicing and manufacturing therefore always go to the highest model you can purchase.

Go for the automatic screwdriver or the adjustable one depending on your company requirements and budget considerations. Use them as directed and if they cause problems then immediately discontinue use and get a new one.

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