Added Values Related To AvaLAN Wireless Version Of IDSU

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It is only after working in this field of in-dispenser for years that AvaLAN came up with AvaLAN Wireless version of IDSU. This platform comprises of secured version of cloud managed network, which helps it to get UL safety certificate from MET Laboratories. Other than being complaint with the UL 1238 certificate, this segment is further complaint with the control equipment for use with some of the flammable liquid dispensing devices. This mechanism is perfect to work with other forms of electrical equipment, used for combustible and flammable versions of fuel dispensers. So, AvaLAN is all set to grow its business now with this certificate by its side and will attract more large fuel retailers and manufacturers for better deals.

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Wireless service at its best:

This amazing wireless service from AvaLAN has been an ongoing project for long and was associated with some of the leading manufacturers of fuel dispensers for ages now. The main aim is to offer a secure modern generation networking solution without the hassle of being wired. That helps in covering larger area along with its additional EMV upgrades for sure. This networking connectivity is strong and likely to address some more business for this firm. This certification further helps in opening door for some big bulk orders, which will change the entire shape of this firm for sure.

Reliable wireless networking:

If you are currently looking for wireless networking connection to some fuel dispensers, then AvaLAN wireless forecourt access point, AW584EMVAP, is the best. It comes handy with the in-dispenser unit, making it a perfect pack. Thanks to this wireless local area networking coverage, this product can cover larger sections easily. Along with that, this forecourt access point consists of the secure managed switch for some additional services. So, whether you need help with POS system or with forecourt controller, you have it now covered.

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