All You Should Know About Laser Engraver Machine

How does a laser machine work?

Most of the equipments made in China utilize a stepper motor machine installed in their machines. On installation of the stepper motor to the machine, the cost of the laser machine reduces, also the performance and efficiency of the machine also reduces. Laser machines do not offer precision or accuracy when it comes to performance and hence the laser engraver was introduced. The laser engraver machines is made up of high performing precision based servo motors. In laser machines, there are no feedback mechanisms loaded in it which means they do not read the input information. This means that they can only send commands. This might cause a deficiency in the stepper motor might cause the coordinates to be lost as the carriage movement is in progress. Loss of the coordinates might create anomalies in engraving and cutting. This problem has been overcome by the laser engraver. The laser engraver machines is made of servo motors which are costly as well as a well equipped coder. The coder encodes the position of the laser carriage and provides with real time information and cancels out the loss of coordinates. Due to these servo motors feedback mechanism, high accuracy can be achieved and hence eliminates the problems of the laser machine.

Types of Laser Engraving Machines

There are three types of laser engraving machines.

  • The X-Y table. This is a widely used machine which works in the X and Y direction which lies motionless with the laser optics travelling all over the place.
  • The second type is for shaping cylinder shaped work pieces. In this, the laser will finely spiral the cylinder with an on or off laser throbbing which ensures the preferred image to be engraved.
  • The third type shows both the laser and the workpiece to be motionless as galvo glasses move the laser over the surface of the workpiece. These engravers work in either raster or vector mechanism.

 Materials appropriate for laser engraving machines

  • Metals

Metals like titanium, titanium alloys, hard metals, brass, copper, high speed steels, aluminium, anodized aluminium, stainless steel, cover and tough metals etc. are used.

  • Plastics

Polypropylene, poly ether ketone, Poly methyl methacrylate, Polyester, polycarbonate, polyethylene, ABS Copolymer, polyamide, polystyrene etc.are used.

Scope of laser engraving machine

  • Metals

Used for tags which are serviceable such as diameter, Information of manufacture dates of production, batch, digit, series etc. , Quality assurance by data encryption, data plates, marketing of gifts made of metal and also labelling of goods which works as an anti fabricating measure and hardware gadgets.

  • Plastics

Used for making portions of automobiles, keyboards, grip tools, films and wraps, plastic housing equipments, pipes, plugs, sensors, switches and keys, electronic mechanisms etc.

Final Verdict

Engraving machines are not only used for metals and plastics, but also used for glass, leather and other materials, however, their scope is only a few. Colours and foils are found to spread over an engraving, when the laser makes an embellishment considered as a perpetual part.


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