Benefits of Cryptocurrency to the Economy

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Cryptocurrency has been rapidly gaining public awareness since last couple of years and its popularity simply keeps growing. We have often come across terms like Litcoin, bitcoin, etc. these are cryptocurrencies. There are several others with the names ethereum, peercoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ripple, dash and more. Kucoin is one of the emerging cryptocurrency exchangesand it is based in Hong Kong. It also offers its own form of cryptocurrency called KCS shares – KuCoin shares.

Over the Internet, you will find several definitions for Kucoin review, we explain to you, in a very simple format. KuCoin is comparatively new to the market as it was launched only in September 2017. This platform is very similar to Binance. You can get attractive discountson fees during trading while you use the KCS shares. They are a very userfriendly exchange when compared to traditional exchange systems that are seen today. As an example, 90% of trading fees is shared by the platform with the users. It offers 24*7 customer service and also offers general referral rewards.

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KuCoin Shares Explained

KuCoin Shares are basically the tokens that are exclusive to the exchange much in the vein of BNB. It’s. One can buy KCS tokens on this exchange directly and can earn dividends on the amount of KCS they have in their account. Buying Kucoin gives one many benefits like bonuses such as additional income from the fees, low trading fees and special services. They also offer award incentive bonus to get more user involvement and exchange vitality. This will be equal to 50% of the trading fee that the platform earns on any given day. The dividend is paid to the users in proportion to the KCS tokens they hold.

Features of KuCoin

  1. KuCoin is a completely safe wallet that includes multilayer encryption. It has offline storage in a bank safe where the bank authorities do regular auditing.
  2. It offers fast exchange and withdrawals and the cryptocurrency that you buy are added to your wallet within a few minutes of the transactions.
  3. KuCoin platform offers 24*7 customer support and service; there are several platforms that the users can use to interact with the customer support team.
  4. KuCoin is one of the best sources of Passive income where one can earn income through dividends by holding KCS tokens in the account.
  5. KuCoin features many cryptocurrency markets, having a powerful backend network. This helps them add any budding cryptocurrency within a short span of time.

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