Best Tips On Choosing The Best LED Projector For Your Every Need

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Like a lot of products have done lately, if they’re based on a commodity, their prices have continued to rise. However, if they’re primarily based on a technology, where the more automated their construction becomes, their price will continue to plummet, sometimes rapidly. This has been the case with mini LED projectors, due to several different factors, they’ve become better, smaller, more powerful, and cheaper all at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of the facts to consider if you’re thinking of buying one in the near future.

In Most Cases, They’ve Surpassed Large TVs

A lot of high tech goods have come down in price lately since there have been scientific advances and more automated manufacturing combined to make them better and less expensive at the same time. That has happened with television sets and mini LED projectors at the same time. Large screen TV sets used to cost into the thousands of dollars and their pictures weren’t all that good, plus they wore out rather quickly.

The same goes with projectors, many were used by businesses to make presentations, but they cost several thousand dollars, were very fragile, and you couldn’t just pack them around with you because their bulbs were expensive and easily broken. Now, the new LED Mini Projectors available on the market are less expensive than an LCD or LED big screen TV when their sizes are taken into consideration.

Plus, the portability of the mini projectors is completely a game changer as well. A 60″ TV is nearly impossible to take on a plane, a bus barely fits in a car, and will need plenty of assistance lugging around in your home or business. On the other hand, many of the small, mini LED projectors weigh less than 5 lbs., some only 2 lbs., and can be taken almost anywhere since their LED bulbs are nearly indestructible, not fragile at all.

So, if your kid wants to head to the neighbor’s home to play video games or watch a new movie, he can pack the mini high-resolution projector and take it with him easily. Same with taking it on a plane or bus, it will fit in a small bag or case and not be a problem at all, barely noticeable for sure. Even the larger, more powerful projectors only weigh in at about 10 lbs and can be used to show a movie, presentation, or slide show to dozens of people in a larger venue.

Brightness Matters When It Comes To Mini Projectors

One statistic that you’ll want to pay attention to, and learn the benefits of, is the brightness of the unit you buy. The brightness is measured in lumens and can range from 10 lumens all the way up to nearly 2,000. At 10 lumens you’ll be able to show a projection of about 24″ clear and readable, then at 200 lumens, your size jumps up to 40″ to 70″ depending on how well lit the room that you’re viewing it is. Then there are units that have up to 2,000 lumens that can show a presentation in a fairly well-lit room in a huge format to 30 to 50 people at once. So you should decide what type of venue you’re going to be using your machine in, and how much light will be there, then choose the projector that at least matches that need. There will be charts and graphs on the internet that can guide you on the comparisons. The larger machines can be moved closer to the screen and still work great but the smaller machines will get dimmer as they’re moved farther away.

You Need To Check Compatibility As Well

There are quite a number of different formats that different content can come in, from the various video formats, video games, DVDs, slide shows, and TV tuners as well. Some machines will even come with a built in TV tuner that can make TV viewing very easy. It all depends on how you’re going to be using the projector. If you want to be able to connect up to your iPhone, check what kinds of connections you have and what formats are used then match those up to the projector you want to buy. It’s important to make a list, spend some time on this, and double check each connection and format since there are many possibilities.

If you don’t find the exact connections that you need available, remember that you can almost always convert or transfer your content to a different device or different format so that you can use your projector. Copying into an iPhone is a common way to circumvent incompatibilities since they are now able to hold plenty of data, are easy to use, and have several types of ports including Bluetooth.

Make Sure You Buy A Reputable Brand

There are a lot of new brands entering this particular marketplace and that can be a problem with quality. In some countries it’s easy to slap your name on a product, change to inferior manufacturing, and put it out on the internet for some quick sales before you disappear. It’s important to buy a brand that you trust and then read the online reviews to make sure you’re getting a quality product and not a lemon.

Most top brands will have a good warranty that they back with excellent customer service. When you read the online reviews you’ll see other customers rave about how quick their problems were handled either with a refund, replacement or repair. Other, poorer quality products, will have an overwhelmed customer service department that can’t return messages, won’t give refunds, and will soon be gone. In the new consumer economy, it’s important to take care of your customers because they’ll leave poor reviews and put you out of business quickly.

If you’re just now starting your search for the best mini LED projector, you can find plenty of comparison charts online. Then you need to decide what you’re uses are going to be so that you can decide which benefits are worth paying for and which are not. Since you’ve done your homework, you’ll have no problem choosing the best projector for your needs.

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