Efficiency of the best archiving system

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The Archive Manager is the best archiving system since many years. You must know about the efficiency of this system before you consider using it. Below given are the points that support the efficiency of this archiving software:

  • Ability to store large files:

The largest file that this software can store is 3.5 Petabytes. 3.4 petabytes equals to 3,400 Terabytes. This software efficiently stores a huge amount of data.

  • Efficient management of this huge amount of storage:

This software manages this huge amount of data (3.4 Petabytes) with the help of Archive Manager Datacenter and this system runs with 4 vCPUs and 6GB RAM and 50GB C:\ drive and 40 GB D:\ drive.

  • Deploying:

There are many options available for deploying the solution but this software has decided not to choose any dedicated storage.

  • Advantage of not selecting a dedicated storage:

As there is no dedicated storage opted by this software, this has an advantage of storing files on live storage volume.

  • New feature of compression and de-duplication:

The new version of this software has included the function of de-duplication as well as compression to archive the files and data.

  • Use of de-duplication and compression:

To de-duplicate and to compress certain unused files that are unused by the users for a duration of 3 years, jobs were assigned to the employees for this work. Due to this function, about 50% of the total space and this way about one Petabyte of space gets saved.

  • Backing up of files:

The older files are backed up on monthly basis after completion of running of the archive job. Due to this ability, now the files can be recovered in the expected time and thus reducing the excess loss of time. This function was not available before but now it is available and has increased the efficiency of this software.

This software performs all the above functions without deploying storage and that too just by deploying one copy to one small VM.

This is the perfect software for archiving your old files and other even a large amount of data. So the conclusion is that this software is a lot efficient than all the others and that is why it is beating all the other software. For more information, Please visit their website.

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