Franking Machines Are Great for Small Business

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An official report has found that in Quarter 3 of 2016 the number of business insolvencies has increased by 2.2% on the previous quarter.

This means that business is as tough as ever and that making effective overheads savings could be the difference between small business survival and failure.

Don’t wait until you can hear the death knell for your business, be proactive and look to every single aspect of your overheads and business process costs to maximise efficiency and return on investment whilst lowering the expenditure.

Please don’t find yourself on 2017’s insolvency lists.

Whilst standard overheads like these are often looked at:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Company vehicles
  • Travel expenses
  • Training
  • Petty cash

There is another integral cost which should be addressed.

The clue was in the last sentence…

Have you assessed your small business postage costs and methods lately?

When you send mail are you saving money or costing your company money which you can ill afford to lose?

Are you still using stamps, queuing at the post office and totting up the high costs in funds and time with reasonable service standards but wish that there was a better way?

There is, you simply need to put it in place.

You may believe that your business is too small for a franking machine, that your costs will escalate with one or that as stamps have been used since 1840 there’s no need to complicate matters.

  • Any business that sends five or more items of post per day will benefit from a franking machine.
  • Franking machine prices are much lower than traditional postage.
  • Stamps can be damaged and wasted, plus the values on them may mean that you stick a few too many pence on the item being posted. Franking machine prices are 100% accurate.
  • Franking machines allow for free advertising on the label. e.g. Sale now on!
  • The franking delivers a professional image and franking machine processed post is treated as business post. Often it’s a more efficient service.
  • Logos, slogans and messages can be programmed in to franking machines.
  • Security, cost centres and reporting tools are comprehensive and time effective.
  • Franking machines UK are approved and managed by Royal Mail and only accredited firms are licensed to hire them out or sell them.
  • Franking machine prices for rental allow budgets to be controlled and forward planning.
  • Purchasing franking machines UK market is competitive and although the initial expenditure is higher the overall costs could be lower.

As an everyday business tool, it’s a sound investment whether you rent or buy. Franking machine prices for postage are always better than stamps.

A smart technology franking machine allows for VAT reclaim benefits and access to Royal Mail’s Mailmark optimum level service which offers the best pricing structure.

Speak to an expert firm like IMS Franking Machines today to establish how much you could save. Help to safeguard your small business solvency.

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