Golf Digest: ValueMags

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A popular magazine amongst golfers is Golf Digest Magazines. ValueMags is trying to get their hands on this magazine by partnering up with it’s publishers. The issue that ValueMags is facing is that the magazine is already heavily marketed in the golf industry and does not need anymore marketing for it. ValueMags wants to use the magazine to get new players hooked on the sport. For the most part, golf is a sport the is dying. Individuals are not necessarily turned off by the game but the rules and regulations associated to the game. ValueMags wants to use reading in young kids to turn that around.

Magazines are a popular tool to get kids to begin reading because they not only have images, but they have little reading, can often be presented in an interactive format, and are about relevant subjects. So what is ValueMags partnered up with individuals and publishers in the golf industry to overtake the dying sport by introducing it to kids through reading and cool images: two things that they are already encourage to interact with in school and in their education. ValueMags has to additionally find a creative way to present it to their parents. Golf, for the most part, offers a chance for kids to learn patience and turn taking. In the game, the furthest away hits next. As a result, the sport teaches fair play and patience. Not only does it encourage individuals to be patient with others but also their own game. They learn how to pace themselves in their speed of play, course management, and strokes/swings. This teaches them how to get to know themselves more than anything.

For more information about ValueMags strategic ways on approaching publishers and new industries, visit the ValueMags blog. For other magazines that the company offers, visit the ValueMags official website.

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