How You Can Buy the Right Printer for You

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A printer is a very important device that we use at our home, especially for those people who are a lot into corporate world. So, be it corporate use or personal use, today we will give you a guide on how to choose the right printer. So, let us get started with the different points that we need to consider before buying a printer.

Laser Printer or Inkjet Printer

  • Inkjet Printer: Printing of images is better in quality. Can be directly printed on CDs and DVDs. The initial costing is less than that of laser printers. The printers support papers of types matte as well as glossy and also many fabrics. Once a weak you should at least use the inkjet printers.
  • Laser Printer: The speed of the printing is faster than inkjet. The cost per page also comes out to be very low in laser printers. The quality of texts and graphics are better in laser than inkjet. The cost of these printers are more expensive than inkjet ones and also the quality of photos printed are not better than inkjet.

Single Function or Multi-Function

  • Single Function: Printers with single functions can only carry out printing and no other functions.
  • Multi-Functions: Printers with multi-functions can carry out a lot of other functions like scanning, FAX and many more along with printing.

Monochrome or Colour

  • Monochrome: Monochrome printers can carry out printing only in the black and white format. They have absolute zero presence of colour in them.
  • Colour: As the name suggests itself, Colour printers can print colourful images other than only black and white. But obviously, a colour printer can also carry out black and white printing functions.

Printer Connectivity

The modern printers have come out with a lot of connectivity options. Thereby, it saves you from taking all your content from one device and transfer it to another device in which the printer is connected. The options you get are USB drive, Wi-Fi, LAN and Ethernet Cable Port, Mobile Printing. A printer with such connectivity can easily make printing more practical than before.

Cost of Printers

  • Cost of Inkjet Printer: The starting cost of inkjet printer is approximately around 39 dollars and CPP around 0.20 cents.
  • Cost of Laser Printer: The starting cost of laser printer is approximately around 70 dollars and CPP around 0.08 cents.

There you have everything in front of you. Now, it is up to you to decide what you want to buy based on the work which you will be doing. If you want colour and multi-function, go for inkjet. If you want monochrome and single function, go for laser.

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