Modern Serif Fonts For Improved Readability & Better Designs

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With the expansion of printing and web publishing industries, we constantly need newer and improved fonts for better readability and fresh designs.

Serif Vs Non Serif Fonts –

In today’s typography sometimes a tiny stroke is present at the end of main strokes that constitute a letter while printing. This style of font is called Serif.

Non Serif Fonts [as the name suggests] do not have this little additional stroke.

Traditionally, it was believed by designers that Serif fonts are good for printing projects and Non Serif fonts are better for website designs. But this theory in a way is abandoned by the new age of designers and web publishing professionals. as they are increasingly challenging the conventions by bending and sometimes changing the rules altogether, of modern typography. Some of today’s designers are using a mix of Serif and non Serif fonts for their projects which are also known as Modern Serif Fonts.

Examples of modern serif fonts –

Georgia – it is a modern alternative to many old fonts which is no longer in fashion and out of date. Georgia has a vintage feel to it and the motive behind its design was to appear clear on sophisticated computer screens irrespective of size & resolution.

Didot – Construction of this font includes some hairline elements that may become invisible in less than normal sizes. Still it is considered a prominent font.

Bree Serif – Bree Serif is a stylized font without overdoing the style quotient. It has informality to it.

Museo Slab – Used by many as a title font. This good looking font can be paired in multiple ways.

Bodoni – it is an old school font which is exceptionally versatile and can be used with ease along with other modern fonts.

Rockwell – Rockwell is a Serif font with lots of youthfulness about it. It is trendy and chic in its formation and can be used in endless ways.

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