Recommended Foods When You Have Bong Munchies

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When you are smoking a bong like Glasshead – water pipes, the munchies are going to come sooner or later and you will have to decide what you want to eat.

You will have three different choices to source your food:

– Bagged or prepared food

– Delivery

– Kitchen-based

Preparation and Control

These are normally one of the three sources of food you will have when you are hungry after smoking session. Having food bagged or prepared beforehand is a great idea if you are the type of person does not like cooking or is too impatient to wait for delivery. It is also an excellent way to plan what you will eat after your smoking session especially if you are watching your diet. Getting the munchies makes some people eat uncontrollably and bagged or prepared food allows you to maintain better control over your diet even while smoking from a bong.

Call In

Delivery is a default option especially if you have no food in the house or you already raided your fridge during a previous smoke session. Some types of smoke can leave you locked on the couch and put you in a very lazy mood. It may be a good idea to just call in an order or use your phone and order food through a delivery app.

Get to Cookin’

Cooking while stoned is always an exciting experience in this is a great skill to have as long as you know how to cook safely using the right ingredients to make your food taste great. There are thousands of other people out there who share recipes that are perfect for any smoking session and many dishes are only limited by your imagination.

The most important thing with cooking is to make sure everything is prepared beforehand so that you can enjoy your smoke session without running back and forth to the kitchen. You should also have an idea of how you are going to keep your food warm if you do not plan to eat it until after your smoke session is finished.

Recommended Foods

If these are all great ideas to you but you are still having a little trouble deciding what foods to eat after smoking your bong, here are a few ideas:

For bagged and prepared food, you get your best bang for the buck by shopping for snacks at your local grocery store or supermarket. Snacks like Doritos, Lays, Fritos, and Chex Mix are all very satisfying snacks because the salty or cheesy taste always works well after smoking a bong. Oreos and other types of cookies are also excellent. Some other classic prepared foods that you will surely enjoy include chocolate, gummy candies, or ice cream.

Delivery options should always include pizza. This is especially great for you if you are in a lazy mood and do not feel like moving. There are also other options depending on where you live and the delivery services available.

Kitchen classics include mac and cheese, microwavable pizzas, hot pockets, and omelets. You may have to go in between your smoking session and cooking, but the results will probably be more rewarding than any other food option.

Use Resources

If you have a friend that likes to smoke with you, you may ask that person to pick up some food for you or bring food along during your next bong smoking session. By choosing from one of the categories above, you will never have to worry about starving when you get the bong munchies.

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