Securing yourself while using public wi fi network

Internet users can live without food but they cannot live without wifi that is free connectivity with internet. Such is an interdependence of the people that feel suffocated if they are not connected to the internet network. So, whenever you move outside you always look for the wifi connectivity available nearby. You must ask this question before using the wifi as is wifi safe?

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private network. This is the security system which protects your device while you are using wifi on public places or connected to internet through any other mode. All the data from internet is encrypted. Hence, your device is safe from hackers.

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How to use public wifi safely?

You can use vpn on public wifi, as it is the safest way to secure your data as the data which your device receives from public wi-fi has to be encrypted and pass through the VPN server before reaching your device. Hence, there is no possibility of your device or the data to be hacked by the hackers. You must ask yourself that is it safe to use public wi fi if you are not using VPN system. Even if you are going to a hotel you must check out is hotel wi fi safe?

How to stay safe on public wifi?

The best way to remain safe on using public wi fi is to use your VPN system. In case, you do not have such protection then there are few precautions that you must take:

  • Close file or data sharing option
  • Never use any secured information
  • Never do any financial transaction while using public wi fi

These are a few ways to keep your data and device safe but the best precaution is to ensure before using any network that whether it is safe to use wi fi there or not.


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