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Every business that market their products online requires SmartMail Email Hosting. The SmartMail Email Hosting gives a lot of advances for your business and for your emails. It is the requirement of all the business that receives and send tones of emails every now and then.

Your business requires a fully customized Email Hosting Sever, Mailbox, Mobile access and team collaboration through mail. The SmartMail hosting or Hong Kong email hosting gives you a full control over your incoming and outgoing mails and help you to create a costume rule for mails. You can even customize your server for automated mails. It helps you to improve you work efficiency and support your business team to work more efficiently. Get the website hosting that suits best for your business.

The SmartMail gives you the ease to access your webmail from anywhere and at any time infant from any device. It is compatible with most of the devices hence there is not problem is access the webmail from any device.

Share your videos, personal calendar and personal address book with the help of the SmartMail. It gives you an access to share your videos and documents with the attachment to google drive. You can also share the files and documents by attaching it with time-limit link.

The SmartMail comes with an in-built anti-virus for the protection of your business and personal documents. There is an anti-sparm system manage by it. At the same time DKIM SPF, SSL/TLS encrypted connections are also maintained by the servers. These securities protect your mails data and prevent from any data loss.

The web interface used by the SmartMail gives you the freedom to send and receive mail in the interface you are in. It even gives you the support of POP,IMAP,CalDAV and CardDAV if you are not much impressed with the webmail services.

You can easily monitor all the mails and keep your eye on all the incoming and outgoing mails by creating the costume handling rules.

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