Teachers, Prepare Yourselves

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Merry…not already!

Oh yes, and every primary school teacher knows that on the other side of the October half term lies expectation from the students.

Whilst teachers and parents hope for education and enjoyment of lessons, the pupils can be rather more focused on the Christmas play and its rehearsals and the all-important party to say farewell to the first term and 2016.


So if you run an educational establishment the second half of the autumn term becomes about scripts, sets and somehow getting children to learn their lines and preparing the stellar cast not to be tempted to wander off stage when they see their grandparents in the audience.

The other main organisational consideration about the play and a party is refreshments.

Now take a look at the refrigeration space on site. If it is already being used for school dinners, milk and drinks for every day consumption where are you planning on storing refreshments and snacks for events?

It would be improbable that the school’s fridges would suddenly have available space.

They’ll be packed with Christmas related fare and normal meals so that leaves two choices:

  • Don’t serve any refreshments which require refrigeration. This will be difficult when you take legislation and children in to account.
  • Chiller trailer hire for the length of time that you need additional capacity. This doesn’t have to be within the building but it can be.

A chiller trailer can be installed for a couple of days, a week, month or more.

There’s total flexibility when you hire chiller trailers from proficient and highly rated firms like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire, they also cover London, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, the Midlands and South Wales.

Fridge trailer hire is simple to arrange and it won’t eat in to the school’s budget.

Chiller hire is competitively priced and you’ll find that the trailers are lockable, hygienic and fully maintained.

The hire firm will deliver your facilities to site, position them wherever the chiller trailer or trailers are required, whether that’s adjacent to the school hall, by the kitchen or on the playing field, and they’ll set it up for you.

You’re busy so they take care of all of this. You can then place stock in the units almost immediately.

Helpful chiller trailer hire firms will answer any questions and they’ll be on the end of the phone if you need advice at any time during the hire period.

When you’ve finished using the chiller trailer the firm will disconnect it and take it back to the depot.

The client doesn’t need to make any special effort, which in the midst of school days, play rehearsals, party planning and somehow managing to have a private life will come as a relief to all teachers and headmaster/mistresses.

As the adorable little actors, their families and teeny partygoers will expect nothing less than sweet, sticky and dubiously nutritious food and drink, with chiller hire facilities you can deliver Christmas chilled out.

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