Technology can make you sick but it is the cure also

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The cell phones have taken the priority in everyone’s life. From calling to text message and from mailing to video calling everything is now possible through the cell phones. They have made our life easier and faster. But as we all know the thing which benefits us also harms us somehow. It happens in the case of cell phones also. Any electronic device has some radio frequency that is also known as electromagnetic radiation, the radiation which comes in the normal range of human use is harmful and unfortunately the radio frequency which is emitted from the electronic devices like cell phones comes in that range. This electromagnetic radiation is the reason of many uncured diseases like Alzheimer’s, or other neurodegenerative diseases. But as every problem comes with the solution, this problem also has a solution, that is, microprocessor. The microprocessor embedded with some electronic configuration helps to neutralize cell phone radiation.

Effect of electromagnetic radiations

We all live in tech era where we are surrounded by technologies and these technologies harm us very secretly. Not only the cell phones, but the electronic devices like microwave oven, dryers etc. also emit the harmful radiations which work as a slow poison to your body. The radiation enables and increases the chances to acquire the cancer.

  • Apart from this, it weakens the immunity which may further result in auto-immune disorders.
  • It lowers the mental ability and logical skills.
  • It is one of the reasons to gain weight and get obese.
  • It also promotes physiological disorders like stress, hypertension.

How to get rid from this?

It is obvious that you will not be able to live without the technology but changing the behavior of your life style and lesser use will make you live longer, healthy and happy. It is suggested that cell phones, laptops or computers cannot be used more than an hour. Apart from this, there many gadgets available which can counter act the radiation of device to the body’s radiation and hence neutralize the radiation. Also, if you spend more time in computer room, then there is a device for you known as air cleaner which cleans the air of room.

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