The Importance of preventing cyber attacks

Cyber attacks keep on shifting strategies, with hackers propelling file less malware that antivirus, ransomware shields, and other conventional endpoint security stages can’t detect. Established to secure organizations prone to high risks, Cyberbit protects businesses and critical infrastructure against cutting-edge cyber dangers.

The company provides cyber security solutions that identify, analyze and responds to the most developed, complex and targeted threats and secure energy, utility, transportation, fabricating and important national resources around the world. Cyberbit’s suite incorporates Endpoint Detection and Response, ICS/SCADA Security and Continuity, SOC Automation and Orchestration, Cyber Range Training and Simulation.

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Endpoint Detection and Response EDR

Initially designed to cater to the needs of high-risk military and government organizations needing the superior detection and response capabilities that regular endpoint security systems can’t provide, Cyberbit’s EDR uses a hybrid adaptive approach that leverages behavioural analytics, machine learning, and big-data, and does not rely on indicators of compromise (IOCs) to automatically tailor a behavioural detection strategy to the client’s business.
This approach drastically enhances the client’s capacity to identify targeted and unknown threats that sidestep traditional security frameworks while limiting false positives.

ICS/SCADA Security and Continuity

Although regular ICS security arrangements just screen the operational (OT) network, most cyber assaults on important infrastructure begin at the IT network. SCADAShield gives assurance against all ICS attacks including OT and IT parts, identifying security, configuration, continuity risks that would ordinarily sidestep traditional ICS security frameworks and also give phenomenal visibility into your network.

SCADAShield gives deep packet inspection (DPI) for OT network components and supports the protocols of all major control system vendor. It carries out full protocol stack machine learning and baselining for IP and serial communications. Utilizing a layered solution, SCADAShield speedily uncovers machine to machine, remote maintenance, and IT to OT attacks and more efficiently than the regular solutions.

By gathering OT and IT information over the whole system SCADAShield gives full visibility and enables deeper forensic investigations.

SOC 3D – Automation and Orchestration

Of the several incident response platforms, SOC 3D is the first to combine automation and orchestration of workflow with big-data based investigation tools to get a single, efficient IR platform that enables visibility, increases SOC proficiency, and reduces response time.
SOC 3D gives business-driven security via automatic prioritization of threats as indicated by business criticality, handles context-based as well as process-based investigations, and permits reliable continuous monitoring of critical areas of a business. The system provides automatic reporting and dashboards, great 3rd party integration capabilities.

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