Things to Remember when Choosing a New Gravity Bong

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Are you considering a new bong? Of course you were.A person who enjoys their smoke is not always looking for another fascinating THC delivery device, are they? But if you have an old pipe or a pipe that has been severely encrusted with residue, a new pipe can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your current activities.

Maybe you are just looking for a new pipe and high or you have little extra cash and just really want to treat yourself. Those who take good care of their bongs and pipes are usually fond of having a whole party of them on display in their homes.

Even without including the full range of options available for you including but not limited to, steam rollers, chillums, water pipes and bubblers, shopping for the best bong for you can be a difficult experience. This is simply because of all the options, styles and designs available on today’s markets.

Following is an overview of the various considerations that are important for choosing the world’s best bongs and why each one would be preferred over another.

Materials — bongs can be found in just about every material you can imagine. Glass is the most common, it is also the classic choice and you can’t go wrong with a glass bong except they tend to shatter when dropped.

Plastic is the most cost effective option and don’t break as easily, intime they are not as attractive as when you first acquired one, but the use is not affected. Ceramic bongs are another attractive option and are slightly more durable than glass. Ceramic bongs can also be found with beautiful painted works and fascinating styles and designs.

Finally, there are wooden and bamboo pipes that are not only highly attractive but can withstand being bumped around. Remember that there are no right or wrong choices, simply ones that fit best in your smoking styles and those that will be replaced sooner than others.

Usage — another important question is how will your bong be used? This referring to the environment that you will be using it in. For example, will you be using it on the weekend or several times in a day? Will you be purchasing a personal item to one to pass around with your friends? Will you be leaving itn your home or office or carrying it around when your visit friends and relatives? What about cleaning, do you know how to do this and perform this important service seriously?

Simplicity and Size — if you are buying a new bong and you don’t have experience with you will not want the biggest and most complex option available to you. If you are not able to fill the entire chamber your experience will be less than satisfying. Furthermore, if you are not able to clear the chamber in a single draw you will be left with less than fresh smoke and this is very unpleasant.

The sizes for the mouth piece and the rest of the chamber are important points. The best way to make an enlightened decision for your needs is to consider the bongs you have used in the past. Use these sizes and styles as benchmarks for any future acquisitions you might make.

In Conclusion — buying a bong should be done after considering your personal skill levels and experience with a bong. A large and complex device often has many different parts and requires a skilled hand to maintain properly. Furthermore, remember that bongs and their many part can get lost or broken and may need replacing, be sure you know where you will do this. If you have any needs for your apparatus check out our extensive catalogue of products and accessories — you can buy downstems now at ThickAssGlass.

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