What Are the Benefits of NVR Cameras?

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NVR cameras stand for Network Video Recorders and are one of the widely used cameras in many surveillance systems around the globe. When compared to other types of cameras, network video recorders are preferred because they offer several benefits.

Here are some of the major benefits offered by NVR cameras:

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  1. No Wiring- NVR cameras offer wireless transmission of their feed. This means that there is no overhead about handling the cables and wires. This prevents all the unnecessary hassle of wires and also saves some greats bucks from expensive wiring.
  2. Easy Installation- Since there are no wires, the installation procedure for NVR cameras is very simple and convenient. All you have to do is connect the NVR camera to the Ethernet cable and you are good to go.
  3. Robust- NVR cameras are more robust when compared to other cameras. The processing of feed from analog to digital format takes place at the initial camera level only. This means that the redundancy remains for a longer duration and thus increases the robustness as well as the security of the surveillance system.
  4. Storage- NVR cameras come equipped with multi storage features. The feed can be stored in USB drive, disc drive or SD cards. It can also connect to the internet and store the feed on multiple storage devices so that if one gets deleted, there is a backup on another device.
  5. Remote Accessibility-Since NVR cameras can be accessed over the internet, the transmission can be done over remote locations and the feed can be accessed from anywhere at any instance of time.
  6. Encryption- For a better and secure transmission of feed, NVR cameras offer a feature of encrypting the data. This makes it difficult for any intruder to tamper with data and also prevents Hikvision NVR back door, thus making it more secure and reliable.
  7. Better Resolution- NVR cameras have a better resolution power than other cameras and provide the users with better quality images and high definition videos. The level of IPS (Image per Second) is quite great in these cameras.
  8. Extended Features- NVR cameras also have some other great features like motion detection, zooming and night vision.

All the above mentioned merits of NVR cameras make them an ideal choice for great surveillance systems that offer maximum security.

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