What you need to know if you are going to buy camera for photojournalism?

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Photos are one of the most important parts in news. No matter it’s for news channel or for newspapers, photos work as evidence as well it also attract readers. Well, if you are looking for a camera then you need to know about some basic points that can help you  in choosing best camera for your photojournalism purpose  and also help you in saving your money as well as time . Before buying any camera it important to make sure that for what you are going to  buy and what things you want in your camera?

Are you going to buy your camera ? Check these points first

There are many things that you want to ask when you are going to buy your first camera for your journalism. However, there is no big difference between camera for photo news and camera for ordinary use. Still, there is some slightest difference that you need to know:-

  • Don’t go for higher pixels : in news photos  you don’t need to have many megapixels in your camera. Pixels  between 5 or 10 will be fine for you, also , extra mega pixel can cost more and if you are facing budget problem then you need to clearly avoid this.
  • Which type of camera do you want: another point that is very important to understand is which type of camera you are going to need in capturing photo, there are basically two cameras that you need to consider i.e. SLR and point and shoot both are best for photojournalism purpose where You will get all needed features.
  • Do you need lenses : Mostly in SLR, you need to have different set of  lenses for capturing better photo. Lenses in 50 mm 1.8 or 1.4 are good for you.

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