Why You Should Consider Smoking from a Bong

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The fact remains that smoke is bad if you are looking to maintain the good health of your lungs, but, we cannot refute the other fact that there are individuals who enjoy smoking. For this category of people, it is good to try and look for smoking methods that are less harmful to your health.

While some may prefer glass hand pipes, the filtering effect of bongs makes them somewhat healthier. You can visit to read more about glass hand pipes.Also known as water pipe, bing,moof, or billy, a bong is a cylindrical wooden container, tube, or pipe cut from bamboo. This device is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or any other herbal substance.

Here are some of the reasons why you should smoke with a bong.

Smoother Smoke

The main thing that draws smokers to smoking through a bong is the cooling and filtering effect it has on smoke, through water. This capability offers a smooth draw despite the amount of smoke inhaled. Warm water kills any bacteria available in the smoke, providing a cleaner inhalation. This can minimize exposure to most common smoking-related conditions like bronchitis, if used in moderation.

For people who are used to rolling their cannabis into joints, the use of bongs will provide cooling percolation while at the same time maintaining the sharp spectrum of flavor and aroma produced by cannabis. When comparing the experience of using bong to that of using a basic dry pipe, the outcome is much smoother, less harsh, and also easier on the lungs and throat, compared to the dry, hot heat experienced from using a hand pipe.

Newcomer Friendly

Bongs offer easier ways for new smokers. This is because the pipe produces bubbles during inhalation, making the smoke smoother on your throat than the standard cigar or cigarette. The shallower breaths experienced for shorter periods of time can help a smoker ease the experience of doing it for the first time.

Point to Note

Despite the advantages, it is good to note that bongs are only suitable for casual use. While it’s true that they filter out a good number of carcinogens in every inhalation, which lowers your chance of susceptibility to conditions such as lung cancer, they also drive the smoke faster and deeper into the lungs. Just like other legal highs, for instance alcohol, it is advisable to use tobacco and your bongs in moderation to avoid contracting such illnesses due to overuse.

As seen from the above discussion, if regulated and used properly, smoking with a bong has some benefits compared to other smoking methods. What’s more, they are aesthetically friendly, accessible, and also cheaper alternatives for smoking. However, as a smoker, you run the risk of serious health concerns. It is good to take responsibility by using a safer alternative. Make sure you clean your bong thoroughly after use. Remember, not cleaning your bong actually defiles its filtering effect.

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